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The person whose signature, oath, or acknowledgment is being notarized MUST personally appear to the notary at the time the notarial act takes place. Document must be signed in the presence of the notary – don’t sign before your appointment!

Documentary Proof Needed for the Notarization

A signed and/or pictured, government-issued ID:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License (current or expired less than 3 years)
  • State ID (current or expired less than 3 years)
  • Military ID
  • Student ID
  • Other government issued ID

Notarizing Montana Motor Vehicle Titles

If there are two or more owners listed on a title, they do not have to have their signatures notarized at the same time or by the same notary, but all sellers’ signatures must be notarized.

The Montana Motor Vehicle Division will not accept a title with information that has been in any way corrected or crossed out. If an error is made by the signers, a Statement of Fact will have to be completed and filed with the Title.



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